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Wednesday 4 Nov 2015


Berlin, Germany
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Objects Berlin
As from January 2007 we are settled in Berlin in association with our partner
Herr Menzebach. Berlin at this moment is an emerging market with a very good increase potential. We notice that the last time the hiring mirror goes up and see that the demand houses and office buildings increases. There is much interest especially for the new houses/apartments in the restored monumental building in Berlin Mitte and thus they are rapidly sold. Grenzland Berlin and Grenzland the Netherlands are responsible for the European customer. We speak Dutch, German and English. We are related to larger companies on the well market of Berlin.

Are you interested in the following sectors.
1 individuals
2 companies, offices and houses
3 investors both private and entrepreneurs, funds etc.
4 your settling in Berlin. 

then we gladly will visit you or invite and welcome you to our office in the Netherlands or Berlin.

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Berlijn beleggings objecten
10719 Berlin
Germany   Price on demand
Berlin Mitte
Germany   Price on demand
10719 Berlin
Germany   Price on demand
Uw Winkel, Bar of Zaak in Berlijn !
Germany   Price on demand

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